Everyone dreams, but Hana’s dreams are magical with miscellany and marvel of the universe

The Magic and Wisdom of Dreams

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"Hana Dreams" children's pre-school 52 X 11' animated series is Produced and IP developed by Lumicel Animation Studios. The story orbits around Hana. Hana, a 4-year-old girl has a number of storybooks. Those books are her treasure and best friends. Her storybooks have the supernatural, magicians and many wonders of the world. Every night when Hana stops reading a story in her magic book, she falls asleep and starts dreaming a place or wonder she read in the storybook. In Hana's dream, "Moon Magic" and "Tommy" her friends from the magic books visit her in the bedroom and help her to realize her dreams. They pilot her to various magical places, Hana wished to visit. Hana could experience the wonders she read and dreamt one by one. Each night Hana learns about the magic, wisdom, miscellany, and marvel of the universe. Her sojourn continues every night.

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The Characters


Hello! I’m Hana. I'm in love with my story books, characters and places in them. They resurrect in my dream. My friends "Tommy" and "Moon Magic" from the magic world help me to realise it in my dream.


“Tommy” - Hana’s navigator friend from the magic world. Humorous, clever and very courageous. Tommy guides Hana in their journeys to the magic world and to be of assistance to solve problems and to confront challenges.

Moon Magic

“Moon Magic” - Hana’s cute vehicle from the magic world. Can travel as per the wishes of his friends and has only two teeth. Can swim, fly, jump and vanish in thin air as he wishes.


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